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by Ari Lesser

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released April 29, 2010

My Dad: Guitar (Bad News Blues, They Don't Know)
Wego: Live Guitar and Djembe (Che, Futbol, Today, Hypocrisy)
Tyler Kirsch: Beat Box (The Hippie, The Oath, America, Israel Palestine)
Psalm 10: Inspiration (Psalm 10)
Martin Luther King Jr.: Inspiration (I Have A Dream)
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: Inspiration (Anarchy)



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Ari Lesser Cleveland

Ari Lesser is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and spoken word artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He has performed all over the world, and written hundreds of songs on a wide range of subjects. Ari’s repertoire is expansive, touching on everything from history, to animals, to Star Wars, but now his focus and passion is making music based on the Torah. ... more

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Track Name: Consumerism

Fuck Wal-Mart, Budweiser, T-Mobile, and the Gap
I’m sick of all these advertisements selling useless crap
Using special effects along with corny humor
To turn every one of us into a consumer

Featuring airbrushed models that make us feel insecure
To make us buy some product, which everyday seems more obscure
Like an SUV that you can use to mow your lawn
There’s only ninety million left, you’d better get one fore they’re gone

You don’t really need love from your family and friends
You’ll get everything you need from a new Mercedes Benz
So buy some new clothes, jewelry and some other shit that’s crappy
Cause in our material world it doesn’t matter if you’re happy

Actually it does, if your sad you must be sick
But pop a couple Zolofts, that should do the trick
Nobody will see through your drug-induced smile
So if you’re feeling sad call us today for a free trial

We’re getting everyone hooked on pharmaceutical medication
If you aren’t happy all the time, and want erectile stimulation
If you’re fat, ugly, stupid, depressed, or hyperactive
Take our miracle drug and you’ll be instantly attractive

Side effects may include back pains, and bad breath
Nausea, vomiting, impotence, and death
So if you hate yourself and want to be someone new
Call your doctor now and ask if this drugs right for you

Fuck Pfizer and their fellow pharmaceutical thugs
Making millions and millions of dollars dealing drugs
Curing your diseases that before were never there
Then you saw their ad and you were suddenly aware

Oh shit I’m not perfect like those people on the tube
Cause I’m not ripped like G. I. Joe and I don’t have massive boobs
My hair’s not blonde and my eyes aren’t blue
And I don’t have a car at all let alone one that’s new

So I decided that I’d buy one, and wow, it’s really cool
Spent more money than I had on it so I can’t afford school
Plus I got breast implants, then I got a breast reduction
Bought colored contacts, dyed my hair, and then got some liposuction

That wasn’t enough so I’m also anorexic and bulimic
People often ask if I’m okay or think that I’m anemic
But I know that I’m beautiful just like people on TV
And everyone who talks behind my back just wants to be me

I’m in debt up to my eyeballs but I need a few more things
Some gold chains and diamond earrings, my essential bling
Plus I need a case of Miller Light if I want to have some fun
And I’d better get some Nike Shocks if you want to run

I’ll wear Axe body spray so girls chase me down the street
Then since I’m broke I’ll go to Burger King to eat some cheap-ass meat
I’ll shove down my throat a bunch of food greasy and fried
Cause I don’t care what goes in me its about what’s on the outside

It doesn’t really matter if I’m happy or healthy
As long as maintain the appearance of being wealthy
Which, by the way, is completely untrue
I have about as much debt as one person can accrue

But I have a great plan to get all my money back
I’ll have more cash than Scarface after I start slanging crack
On second thought drug dealing might be kind of spotty
I’d be able to make more money if I just sell my body

Since my body was free all my revenue is profit
So I can carelessly spend all the cash that I make off it
It don’t really matter if I get another STD
I love money too much cause I’m so fucking greedy

If I had a million dollars, then I’d want a million more
Cause there’s really nothing in the world worse than being poor
I noticed some of you laughing and that’s okay
But before I let y’all go I just have to say

Consumerism and greed are horrible habits
The only carrots that you need are the kind you feed to rabbits
Love is all that matters, not diamond rings
So try not to obsess about material things
Track Name: Anarchy

To be governed is to be watched, inspected
Wire-tapped, surveyed, spied upon, directed
Arranged, enlisted, inducted, and enrolled
Into institutions where we’re conducted, controlled

Underestimated, endlessly miss-educated
Force fed propaganda, preached at, indoctrinated
Brainwashed, bullied, and forced to submit
To being carefully crafted into to crooked corporate shit

Trained like dogs to sit for hours, hunched over a screen
Just waiting to be fired and replaced by a machine
Working all day in a factory or cubicle cage
Selling the fruits of our labor for minimum wage

And every single cent we earn has to be reported
Registered, counted, taxed, and extorted
Supposedly in order to fund schools and feed the poor
But in actuality to build weapons and wage war

And while millions are dying the administration cheers
Cause the government is packed full of war profiteers
They filter large amounts into Swiss bank accounts
While our treasury empties and the death toll mounts

A few people make fortunes, but what do we get
Besides increased inflation from our government’s debt
All our tax dollars go to some greedy corporation
Not healthcare, welfare, jobs, or education

But that, my friends, is what the government’s for
It helps the rich get richer, while the poor stay poor
By keeping our country in a constant state of war
The question is, why do we take it any more?

We accept being governed without the semblance of a fight
By creatures who have neither the virtue nor the right
Because the government will, of course, act without restraint
At the slightest resistance, the first word of complaint

We’ll be repressed, fined, vilified, harassed, hunted down
Abused, clubbed, tasered, pepper-sprayed, bound
Discredited, disgraced, dishonored, disrespected
Condemned to be deported, jailed, or lethally injected

We don’t want that, so we choose to obey
Turn on the news, it says everything’s okay
H ead over to church, get on our knees and pray
Ignorance is bliss, God bless the USA
Track Name: Psalm 10
Psalm 10

Lord, why do You stand, far off and hide
While the arrogant man, with wicked pride
Boasts of his cravings, as he speaks
And devises schemes, to hunt the weak

The greedy he blesses but God he ignores
In all his thoughts, there’s no room for the Lord
Yet he always prospers, and has great wealth
Happily thinking, of only himself

He sneers at Your Name, for he has forsaken
Your law, thinking, he cannot be shaken
His mouth is filthy, as they come
Trouble and evil, are beneath his tongue

Lies under cover, secretly spying
Near the village, he waits like a lion
To ambush and murder, his innocent prey
Catch helpless victims, and drag them away

Beneath his strength, they collapse and fall
But he does not realize, God sees all
Arise, O Lord! Lift up your hand
Do not forget, the helpless man

Why does this, wicked creature say
To himself, “God will not make me pay”
Lord You see victims, in trouble and grief
And with your hand you will, bring them relief

Father, help them out of harm
Break that lion’s violent arm
He thought that he, would get away
With evil, but You will make him pay

Forever Lord, You’re in command
The wicked perish, from your land
You’ve heard how, the afflicted cried
No more shall, they be terrified
Track Name: Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick

Some people are serpents
Who want to drain your life
Squeeze you out of every cent
Then cut you like a knife
In order to get close to you
They might shed their skin
Only God knows what they’ll do
If you let them in
Luckily it’s not too hard
To see through one who’s fake
Don’t ever down your guard
When dealing with a snake

Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all day
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes away
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all night
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase ‘em out of sight

In this world there are some men
Who live a life of crime
First pretend to be your friend
Then stab you from behind
Most of them can’t stand the light
So they hide out all day
When the sun goes down at night
They all creep out to prey
Vampires will suck you dry
Bite you in the neck
So if they murder steal and lie
Give them no respect

Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all day
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes away
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all night
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase ‘em out of sight

Some folks have agenda’s which
No one else can see
Instead of work they get rich
Stealing from you and me
Most people are good and fair
But there are those unjust
Rotten apples out there
Leeching off of the rest us
They want us divided
Their weapon it is fear
So let us stay united
And chase them out of here

Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all day
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes away
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase those snakes all night
Chase ‘em like Saint Patrick
Chase ‘em out of sight
Track Name: East And West
Ari The MC
Track Name: Pop That Shroom
Pop That Shroom

Mushroom mushroom make your head go boom
Feeling like you could crawl back in the womb
Might send you to an early tomb
One way to find out, just pop that shroom

Chilling at home three caps to the dome
Sit back relax and let your mind roam
About a man and a mouse all plated in chrome
Or a tea party with a bunch of lawn gnomes
I’m tripping like a blind man over a log
My whole world covered in a purple fog
Now I’m talking to the cat and dog
Start hopping around like a fucking frog

Mushroom mushroom make the flowers bloom
May feel a sense of impending doom
Or maybe you could fly all around the room
One way to find out, just pop that shroom

Wouldn’t it be tragic If mushrooms weren’t magic
I took so many that I feel like an addict
I started with a couple caps, then I ate an eighth
And tonight I’m tripping off quarter to the face
The music’s flowing, the weed is blowing
Plants are growing and motions slowing
I feel all knowing but I don’t know where I’m going
And my boat won’t move no matter how hard I’m rowing

Mushroom mushroom you’re the bride I’m the groom
We could get married in a big balloon
Or get swept away on the bristles of a broom
One way to find out, just pop that shroom

Call them pizza toppings or call them boomers
I love to take them with my fellow mushroomers
When I eat that fungus it opens my mind
Like now I can see where before I was blind
Now I can speak where before I was mute
Every one of my senses becomes more acute
If you’ve never tried them you just wont understand
But eat just a couple and your mind will expand

Mushroom mushroom is what I want to consume
So I can have a party by myself in my room
Don’t know what will happen you can’t assume
One way to find out, just pop that shroom